Why Aren’t Many Facilities Accessing the Dementia & Severe Behaviours Supplement?

The Dementia and Severe Behaviours Supplement (D&SBS) is now being provided for eligible residents in residential aged care facilities. Although it has been available since August 2013, and is funded at a rate of $5,895 per annum, many aged care facilities are yet to claim this subsidy for all eligible residents (worse – it’s for care that’s already being provided).


By systemising an approach, our team of consultants have been able to help some facilities access this supplement for an immediate increase in funding of over $200K per annum (without needing to touch an ACFI Appraisal Pack)


The feedback received is that some facilities are yet to commence the process for their residents (or find all eligible residents) because they’re unsure of the four-stage eligibility criteria, the application process, or how to administer the Neuro-Psychiatric Inventory (NPI-NH) assessment tool.


Working in an underfunded industry, the focus is on developing the systems and processes in which to allow our aged care facility clients to receive all of the funding they’re entitled to. This involves working with a designated staff member allocated by the client to:

  • Complete the NPI-NH assessment
  • Complete the Aged Care Application for the Dementia and Severe Behaviours Supplement
  • Compile information to assist in supporting information the claim in lieu of future validation process, and
  • Training the facility staff member(s) to complete future applications


If there are only 13 residents in a facility that are eligible for this subsidy, this equates to over $1,000 per week thats being missed out on in eligible subsidies. To date, the lowest percentage of residents in a facility that weve found to meet all eligibility criteria is 13%. For a 60 bed facility, thats an increase in funding of $47,158 per annum!


In addition to working with clients to achieve an additional increase in revenue, the ideal approach involves a screening process in which we aim to minimise time spent on-site and reduce expenses; this means that for most clients the service is actually cost-neutral after approximately 1-week.