Our Business Is No Secret…

Recently I  had the honour of running a lecture evening for the Australian Physiotherapy Association’s Gerontology Group. And, to be clear, I use the term “I had the honour” deliberately.


An acquaintance asked me if I was worried that I’d be “giving away our secrets” or “training up our competitors”. I look at it this way – all the industry knowledge I’ve gained has been through publicly available information. Our systems and processes are known by every employee that’s ever worked for W&L (hopefully!) but now works elsewhere. It’s not like how we do business is a secret… it’s more that quality underpins our culture, and we try to apply it consistently no matter what we do.


Being able to assist 20+ other physiotherapists increase their industry knowledge, and provide a better service to aged care facilities and the residents in them, is a great outcome. It’s good for individuals, it’s good for the industry… and I won’t lie in saying that it didn’t help W&L’s branding!