Is Aged Care Under-Funded or Under-Accessed?

Now that the dementia supplement has been available for over six-months, there’s a substantial amount of funding aged care facilities should have received per resident for care that’s already being provided

We recently assisted a facility where the internal staff had already identified a number of eligible residents for this funding. Rather than proceeding directly to assisting with the application process, we adopted a systematic screening and evidence-review approach.

The result? A 129% increase in revenue, and adding $94K to their bottom-line. What’s great about this outcome is that the care was already in place.

Why did this occur in the first place? They were yet another victim of relying on external benchmarking, and trying to make their facility-wide residents’ clinical profile fit artificial KPIs.

When I hear that an organisation is underfunded, I’m usually quite skeptical… it’s often a case of under-accessed funding. This client is great example of why it’s my goal to assist every aged care facility in Australia to receive all of the funding they’re eligible for – their plans are to reinvest this funding into other areas of care.