Helping Aged Care Facilities Help Our Elderly

Every week here at Wellness & Lifestyles we release our “hot tips” information…┬ásubject matter that’s timely or relevant, and, most importantly, is something that our clients would benefit from. With over 250 Residential Aged Care Facility (RACF) clients across Australia, we hear a lot of industry feedback. With such a large footprint, we feel like it’s almost our duty to keep our current (or potential) clients up-to-date.


This new section of the blog will be a reflection of this information we release to our contacts – clinical, funding, accreditation, and general business information. It’s not only relevant to anyone in the industry, it gives the readers an insight into what our business is all about – improving the lives of older Australians through direct care, educating others that provide care, or assisting organisations from a financial perspective.