Becoming an ACFI Consultant Part 5 – Clinical Skills Aren’t Enough

One of my favourite sayings is that “in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king”. Just by focussing on the Complex Health Care domain of the ACFI, it’s possible to find clients several hundred thousand dollars in eligible funding.


Results like this can be self-limiting though. There was one particular case that made me realise I was letting good be the enemy of the great. I helped a resident’s funding move from a Nil to a High rating in just this one domain, an increase of over $20,000. I remember saying to the colleague I was training that I didn’t know much about the Activities of Daily Living domain of the ACFI… but that this resident definitely should’ve been higher than their current Low rating. They were fully dependant on staff and in a wheelchair!


I knew there were more opportunities if I learned more about the ACFI. I didn’t, however, want it to take the same amount of time as it did for what I’d learned so far. Instead, I made a point of simultaneously developing complementary skills in other areas… which led me to developing the first ACFI calculator.


The first time it was put to use, re-doing the same work with the additional tools and knowledge found the same client an additional $110,000. Not only this, but the full version saved time, and created more user-friendly reporting. This was my…


ACFI Consultant Lesson #5 – It’s not just about having good clinical skills; you have to work on being an effective communicator, educator, wordsmith, accountant, and analyst