Becoming an ACFI Consultant Part 4 – Develop Scaleable Systems

Several months after the ACFI was implemented, demand for allied health services was surging. This was especially the case for a service that understood the legislation, had systems in place for strict documentation compliance, and a transparent reporting process. Although we were helping many facilities increase their funding by more than $100,000 per annum after the cost of our service, it was very labour intensive.


After being approached by a facility in regional South Australia to provide these same services, I had to acknowledge that we were just spread too thin – we were finding it hard to keep up with demand as it was!


I still wanted to help. I wanted their facility and their residents to receive the same benefits that their metropolitan counterparts were receiving. Why couldn’t we package up a process to pass on the knowledge and skills that had been developed over the past several months?


As it turned out it worked – the facility now had access to an additional $220,000, the local physiotherapy practice had increased their revenue by 400%, and most importantly the residents were receiving better care. Being able to achieve these results within the space of a week was my…


ACFI Consultant Lesson #4 – Develop scaleable systems to leverage off your knowledge and skills