Becoming an ACFI Consultant Part 2 – Use the Tools Available

I once visited an aged care facility in the green leafy suburbs where the residents were mostly retired lawyers, engineers, doctors and politicians. I was not happy with what I saw. Old lino. Four to a room with a dividing curtain. Paint peeling. What seemed to be less than adequate staffing.


This got me wondering. I was visiting two different aged care facilities. Both were about the same size, and both had the same number of residents with similar clinical needs. The other one was all bright and shiny, and it was well staffed. I started asking around. The staff in the under-performing facility would complain that aged care was under-funded, there just wasn’t enough money to run profitably, and that the Government should be lobbied.


This just didn’t add up. How was the first facility doing so well then? After doing a bit of digging, I found that although over 40% of aged care providers were running at a loss, the previous year’s aged care budget was $100m under-spent. The funding was there, it’s just that some facilities didn’t find it easy to access.


As it turns out the better performing facility had invested in ACFI training and developing systems. This ensured the appropriate funding was being received. The other facility just complained that there just wasn’t enough time, there were other priorities, and criticised a tool that they hadn’t really tried to understand. This was my…


ACFI Consultant Lesson #2 – Rather than try to fight the system, learn the system inside-and-out and use the tools that are already available