Becoming an ACFI Consultant Part 1 – Measure the Value You Bring

I’m frequently asked how I came to end up working with Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACFs) to optimise their revenue. It was a process of steps, each building upon another. The first step was learning a costly lesson!


Back in 2008 when the Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI) first came in, I was working as a physiotherapist at an aged care facility. About the same time, there was a change in management. The new Director of Care called me in and told me, quite bluntly, that now that the Residential Classification Scale (RCS) had ceased, there was no funding for physiotherapists to implement exercise programs. She then asked what was the point of my being there from a financial perspective? I didn’t know. I tried to argue the clinical benefits as much as possible, but that didn’t work… and was quickly having to look for another job!


It was my fault for not taking the time to learn about the changes to one of the key reasons I was there in the first place. For this reason, I then thought I’d better sit down and get to know the ACFI, and see whether or not what I did actually created had an impact. As it turns out, it did – and I could measure the financial increase down to the cents.


This was my first lesson in becoming an ACFI consultant, and it’s also worked for every other non-ACFI related project I’ve worked on since. This was my…


ACFI Consultant Lesson #1 – Measure your impact in terms of increased revenue, reduced expenses, or decreased risk.