5 tips to prevent losing ACFI funding at validation

Within the last couple of months we’ve unfortunately been called in to assist some clients who have lost significant amounts of funding at validation.


And what’s the worst thing about each of them losing over $150K each? Is it the fact that when you have to pay back $10,000 for the last 6-month’s funding, you’re really losing $20,000 in annualised funding? Or is it that the majority of the issues were entirely preventable?


When we’ve been completing our ACFI Appraisal Pack Audits, there are some common issues that arise which continue to place funding at risk:

  1. If it’s not specified on page 7 of the ACFI User Guide DO NOT put it in the pack
  2. Complete the Answer Appraisal Pack AFTER the assessment(s) have been completed AND checked
  3. Update the care plan to match the residents’ assessed needs BEFORE submitting the claim
  4. Provide evidence of incontinence PRIOR to the implementation of scheduled toileting
  5. Keep records for the consistent ongoing complex health care treatments where they will not be ARCHIVED


Not only do we believe that your facility should be receiving every dollar you’re entitled to (not a dollar more, not a dollar less), we also believe that unless your facility has an active internal audit program in place then you may be at risk (especially when you consider that the annualised loss of one downgrade from an medium to a low in ADLs is $13,494 per annum, this can provide a significant return on investment)