Will it still be viable to claim for 4a interventions next year?

If a resident has an assessed need for complex pain management 20-minutes per week, will the funding in 2017 cover the cost of providing the service?

When the additional 2-points from a Q12.4a is combined with:

  • No other directives, there will be no increase
  • Q12.3 (pain management), there will be no increase
  • Q12.12 (tubigrip), there will be no increase
  • Q12.3 and Q12.12 (pain management and tubigrip), there will be no increase
  • Q12.3, Q12.5 and Q12.12 (pain management, tubigrip and complex skin integrity management) there will be no increase

Despite the change to Q11 (Medication) and other Q12 directives, there are some examples where a Q12.4a claim will contribute to funding.

An analysis of current claiming patterns shows that, if existing claims were replaced like-with-like, then close to 80% of existing Q12.4a’s would no longer contribute to funding.

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