Michael Peachey - ACFI Consultant

Welcome to my blog – I’m Michael Peachey, CEO for W&L Aged Care Services

This blog is to share what I’ve learned in helping the management and nursing staff of over 270 aged care facilities across Australia. Although I’m described as someone who helps facilities increase their ACFI funding, I think of myself as someone who places just as much emphasis on helping facilities to reduce their risk of losing funding at validation (as well as making their job easier). My goal is to help as many facilities as possible keep their doors open!


What do I do for the residents, staff, and management of aged care facilities?

Due to the lack of access to specialised training (and information that’s packaged in a user-friendly format) aged care facilities are often underfunded based on the care they’re already providing. I’m committed to assisting facilities to receive all of the ACFI funding they’re eligible for in a way that’s both risk free and sustainable.

W&L ACFI Consultancy is how I do this, working with a team of nursing and allied health staff all across Australia.

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