About Michael Peachey

In my professional life I use my clinical background combined with an analytical approach to assist aged care facilities to identify, attain, and keep the funding they’re entitled to for the care they’re already providing.


Known for my prompt response in analysing and evaluating any changes to legislation or funding guidelines, I use this to be able to advise clients on how to benefit as well as how to risk-manage the ongoing implications of any changes.


Even though the main outcome of my efforts is assisting aged care organisations to optimise their revenue, I have a strong passion for doing it in a way that’s sustainable for the whole sector. Accordingly, my market analysis of the industry after the release of the Productivity Commission Report  contributed to me receiving the Adelaide Bank Prize for Managerial Economics.


I make sure that everything I do for my clients is objective, measurable and transparent. My approach is to take multiple factors into account prior to undertaking work with any client – the results I aim for aren’t just about the increased revenue that’s generated, but also the costs and time taken to achieve them; it was this project evaluation methodology that was a factor for me in receiving the GMAA Award for Managerial Finance.


I most value the end user of any of the work I undertake – the resident. I commenced my transition from being a clinician when I recognised that I could only assist one resident at a time unless I could focus on systemising my approach. Since completing a Masters in Business Administration (MBA), I have developed an approach which best suits organisations of 1-10 facilities to plan, organise, and control resources to best optimise their funding. In addition to providing a revenue boost, I like to focus on refining any systems, policies, procedures, KPIs, metrics or training needs in which to sustain any improvements.


After assisting over 200 aged care facilities to increase their funding and reduce costs, I have a passion for sharing the industry knowledge that I’ve collected. As such, I’m currently a member of the Joanna Brigg’s Institute (JBI) Expert Reference Group, and a member of the APA’s Gerontology Committee. In addition to regularly presenting for industry associations such as Aged & Community Services, Leading Aged Services Australia, and the Aged Care Quality Association, I have also been invited to be a speaker for topics such as:

  • The impact of reform on aged care funding
  • Preventing downgrades and increasing funding after the ACFI changes
  • The ACFI and optimising allied health revenue, and
  • Accessing the dementia & severe behaviours supplements


I want my clients to be receiving every dollar they are entitled to for their residents’ care needs – not a dollar more, not a dollar less. By using this ethical approach I am still yet to find a facility less than $100K in eligible funding, and have never had any of my clients lose any funding at validation as a result of my work.


I have a lovely wife Natalie, a beautiful daughter Chloe, and two dogs (Hudson and Wilbur). I love keeping active with judo, basketball, the Army Reserves, and just generally keeping fit. I don’t have that much time left for TV!